About the Cultured Food Guild


The Cultured Food Guild, a non-profit organization, is a new trade association created to support and promote the local cultured food ecosystem and encourage more people to learn about, and enjoy, cultured foods such as vegetables, grains, dairy, bread and legumes. While the Cultured Food Guild recently launched in Colorado, the Board of Directors expects it to become a national organization in 2016.   

The purpose is to link and network fermentation festivals from around the country, to provide advocacy, services and education to its membership, in the interest of encouraging and developing local value chains that promote cultured foods everywhere.

The guild’s members will include institutions at all levels in the local cultured food value chain including farmers: distributors processors, restaurants, and retail outlets.  The Guild is also established to share information with nutritionists, culinary schools, food scientists, CSA programs and institutional food service programs that are invested in building a stronger local food system and healthy and sustainable options for local consumers.

Nonprofit, academic, and research institutions will join to educate guild members and the broader community, while also advocating for political, social, and regulatory change.

The guild will provide educational tools and opportunities to all its members through classes, workshops, and informative publications.

Individual community members will also benefit from the guild’s many offerings, including educational workshops and classes, publications, an annual festival, and a network of like-minded individuals and companies

We also invite individuals and corporate sponsors to contribute by making tax-exempt donations here: